Membership Qualifying Examinations

Programme Topics
This Membership Qualifying Licensing Programme has been developed to meet high professional standards, ensuring that sectorial specialist consultants can as well display with pride, general management consultancy knowledge and expertise on top of their sectorial specialist professional expertise, in their chosen field.

Topics covered in the Qualifying Licensing Programme include the following:

A. Introduction to Business Consulting
· Business Consulting Specializations
· Steps in a Consulting Project
· Conducting a Needs Analysis
· Determining Project Specifics (scope, timeline, team, budget)
· Information Gathering Techniques
· Identifying Possible Solutions
· How to Present Your Recommendations to the Client
· Post-Project Review
· Samples of Business Consulting Assignments

B. Developing Your Skills
· Skills Assessment
· Problem-Solving Skills
· Communication Skills
· Management Skills
· Business Ethics
· Ways to Learn Business Consulting

C. Getting Hired as a Business Consultant or Management Consultant
· Jobs at Consulting Firms
· Corporate Jobs
· How to Find Job Openings
· Job-Hunting Materials
· Job Interviews
· The Job Offer

D. Starting Your Own Consulting Business
· Getting Started
· Financial Matters
· Setting Your Fees
· Getting Paid
· Client Contracts
· Working with Other People

E. Getting Clients
· Choose Your Target Markets
· Marketing Tools
· Marketing Techniques
· Creating Proposals
· Your Sales Presentation

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